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The slewing drive is a complete system assembly that can be easily installed and integrated into existing system programs.

It is composed of a ball slewing bearing or cylindrical roller slewing bearing, worm, shell, and other parts that can bear axial, radial, and overturning moments at the same time. A hydraulic motor or motor drives the worm to drive the slewing bearing to rotate. The housing surface is spray-coated and fully enclosed with seals to protect the slewing drive from contamination, damage, and grease loss.

These components are assembled to avoid customers installing various mating components, and we can also provide a variety of size standards.

The Outstanding Advantages of the Slewing Drive Are As Follows:

• The design is very compact and suitable for installing mechanical equipment with limited space.

• Very high load carrying capacity in a very compact design.

• long-lasting.

• Low maintenance costs.

• Cast housing protects internal parts.

Performance Parameters

Front View Top View


Output torque Tilting moment torque Holding torque Axial load Radial load Ratio Backlash Weight
输出转矩 倾覆力矩 保持力矩 轴向承载力 径向承载力 速比 精度 重量
7.5 kN.m 54.3 kN.m 45 kN.m 475 KN 190 KN 78:1 <= 0.17 ° 60Kg
5532 Lbf.ft 40000 Lbf.ft 33200 Lbf.ft 106800 Lbf 42700 Lbf

Slewing Drives Are Used Worldwide For:

• Vehicle and crane systems.

• Rotation of attachments such as excavators, hydraulic tongs, and forklifts.

• Facility management (automated systems).

• Loading and unloading equipment.

• Positioning Systems.

The rotary motion of the slewing drive is driven by a hydraulic motor or an electric motor. It is easy to find a matching hydraulic motor in the market and conforms to industry standards, saving a lot of time. For the motors, however, some device adapters are also required.

The housing of the slewing drive is a cast part and can be dimensioned according to customer requirements. The closed housing protects the swing system from contamination, damage, and grease loss, ensuring smoother operation and longer life of the swing drive.

Because the performance and reliability of the slewing drive depend to a large extent on the internal stability, it is worth noting that high-pressure water guns cannot be used to clean the swing drive, as the pressurized water will penetrate the seal and enter the inside of the swing drive, which will significantly reduce the service life. Additionally, labyrinth seals mounted on the housing structure protect the interior of the assembly from contamination if the swing drive is used in wet or dirty environments.

Slewing drives can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C.

Proper and regular lubrication is required to ensure stable operation and the long service life of the slewing drive. Grease is conducive to the better functioning of the rotary drive, reducing wear, reducing noise during the process, extending service life, and reducing heat generation.

Periodically lubricate with a grease compatible with the seal material, depending on the frequency of use and ambient operating conditions.

Filling the slewing drive with the same lubricating oil originally used is best. If you wish to use another grease, you must verify that the grease is compatible with the originally used grease. In addition, regular relubrication is recommended during operation and after extended periods of non-use or cleaning.

A grease that has been aged but not used should be replaced if it has not been used after 3 years. Also, greases must not be mixed with different thickeners and base oils.

Why Choose Our Slewing Drives?

Since we started designing and producing our first slewing drive, an optimized design and improvement program has been ongoing. We improve the processing technology of the shell, reduce the processing cost, ensure the shell’s stability, and the shell’s manufacturing process is not limited. We have improved the sealing scheme of the slewing drive, making the seal of the slewing drive more reliable and more reasonable in design. The sealing guarantees the high reliability of the slewing drive. It can quickly and cheaply customize non-standard products for customers to meet their different needs of customers.

We have accumulated rich experience in design, processing, debugging, and assembly through continuous efforts. Improved slewing drive design, unified and standardized input creation, facilitated the design of different solutions, reduced manufacturing costs, reduced design complexity, and minimized errors. Through repeated optimization of the design and scientific follow-up of the processing technology, the designers assemble and debug from the mature and perfect design concept and processing technology. Using 3D design software for modular design, we can quickly design solutions and solve customer problems.

FAQ About Slew Drives

1. What is the prime mover for slew drive?

A: An electric or hydraulic motor is the prime mover for slew drive.

2. Does slew drive requires a brake or not?

A: Depends upon the requirement and application.

3: Where is slew drive used?

A: Slew drive is used for any machine having turning movement. Usually, it is used with slew bearings with internal or external teeth, and the gearbox has a pinion on the output shaft that drives the big gear of the slew bearing.

4. What type of gearbox is used in slew drive?

A: Planetary gearbox is used in slew drive.

5: What kind of braking arrangement is provided for slew drive?

A: Normally, slew drives are electric or hydraulic. The electric type has got shoe type brake or Negative electromagnetic brake on the motor. At the same time, the hydraulic type has got a multidisc hydraulic brake.

6. What type of bearings are used in this slew drive?

A: Spherical or roller bearings are usually used in the slew gearbox output shafts to take care of high radial loading.

7. Which type of pinion is used in the slew drive?
A: Normally, the slew drive has a pinion with a corrected profile to ensure a complete contact pattern with bearing gear.

8. How is backlash adjusted in slew drive?

A: To adjust the backlash between the pinion and slew gear, the gearbox’s mounting is slightly eccentric to adjust the backlash precisely.

9. Slew drive is used for which applications?
A:  Slew drive is used for stacker, ash handling reclaimer, windmill, tower cranes, and excavators.

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